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Welcome to OUR DBS! This project, whose full name is Outcomes, Unmet needs, and Recommendations for DBS, will use the experiences and progress of patients like you to help medical science understand how to get the best from DBS. You have already discussed DBS with your doctor, and met with a Study Coordinator to sign up for this study. You already know that we want to collect enough information about you to get a full picture of how you are doing now, and how you change after DBS. Just to repeat what you heard from the Study Coordinator, all your information will be kept strictly confidential. Other than getting reports from us about how you’re doing, you will never hear from anyone connected with the study.

Every six/twelve months you’ll receive an (email / letter) reminding you about your next study visit. To make your visits to the clinic more efficient (and shorter!), we would like you to try filling out some of the questionnaires ahead of time on line. We’ll have your answers available for your clinic visit so you can go over any questions you have with the Study Coordinator. The questions you’ll see “on line” are identical to the ones you would be asked in the clinic – if you don’t have time or have any trouble filling this out on line, don’t worry – we will still be able to collect your answers at the clinic.

Here’s a list of the questionnaires we think you can fill out in advance to save time. (fill in instrument names [patient friendly] and estimated length of time to complete on line) Just click on the link for the first one to get started. When you are finished, you’ll be given a link to the next survey. If at any point you don’t want to do any more on line, just click the “I’m done” button at the end of the survey. If you would like to keep going, click the “Next Survey” button. Your next visit is scheduled for (fill in date, time, and location). Please try to complete whatever advance surveys you care to do two days before your visit so that we can have the information ready to answer your questions at your visit.

And thanks again so much for being a part of OUR DBS!
Jim M
Study Leaders

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